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According to Shiv-Mahapuran, Parvati the divine-consort of Shiva asked about Rudraksha and Lord Shiva hearing her question said that he had done penance for 1000 years and tired of keeping his eyes closed he opened them and few tear drops fell to the earth and from these Rudraksha trees are supposed to have grown.



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Lingaraj rudraksha in Bhubaneswar is curious to know the devine proprties of Rudraksha and hence it is collecting rare rudraksha beads from Nepal.From one to twenty-one mukhi Rudraksha beads there are specific power to eliminate specific problems of individuals in their day to day life as well as in planetary position.Our mission is to provide finest quality beads to spiritual aspirants, people having devotion and who have a great faith in Yoga, Meditation and Prayer.

Lingaraj rudraksha shop in Bhubaneswar is a online store of powerful rudraksha beads from nepal in Bhubaneswar (Odisha) providing affordable rudraksha price in Bhubaneswar. Rudraksha helps in meditation. It enhances the kundalini power while meditating. The effect of rudraksha power on chakras (energy centers) is a miraculous science. Now a day’s Yoga is getting widespread in society creating groups of spiritual aspirants. The hidden yogic science of ancient India is getting popular day by day.Lingaraj rudraksha is re-searching the wonder of rudraksha to know the amazing influence of rudraksha in yogic life.

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